The Balance of Life

Life is about balance.

We all know this. Sometimes it is just hard to do it or have it.

I think I am realizing balance stems from the mind though. I have realized letting go of stress I cannot control and just living in between the everyday battles that disrupt the calm, really can make the stresses in life softer.

My days off this week are all chopped up from mandatory work training. On a Sunday, really? I have to try and fall asleep by 6pm tonight for the middle of the night drive to get there. Well, whatever it is, it is.

I rarely buy CDs but bought a new one that will keep my company on the drive. My Keurig coffee will wake me up along the way. I will still have half a day off to be home and relax. I am sure I will be too tired to do much of anything else.

And knowing I am losing time off, I just have to remember my time at home and next days off will be waiting for me after a few days of work. The place ain’t going anywhere.

I love my time off. I have always had the motto that I work hard and play harder. I live for my days off.

What do you live for?

I hate that when I am working, I am counting for my weekends, but I am guessing this is somewhat normal.

Do you do that?

I hate to think I am wishing time away since life is too short as it is, but spin that, it’s to focus on the best things in life that my job allows me to have and do. And with that, life balance continues.

Sometimes I feel in control and productive. Other times I feel behind in the things needing to be done, but whatever it is, I am realizing it’s so much easier these days to stop and really soak in whatever it is I am doing. I still do need more focus on sitting down and working on my writing. I think about it 24/7.

Does that count?

I carry my laptop and notepad everywhere. I jot notes down daily. But actually written? Um, been a week. Before work, I need to find a few moments to just write, whatever it is I am working on. New plan to try this week. On days off when I wake up, I need to do it first thing. New plan for this week.

Life balance right now is figuring out how to fit in the things I love and want to do more.

Writing, cooking, reading, working out.

I am doing good, but want better.

I want my days including my long work days to include the things I love too. Not just my days off.

I am learning the key is to just slow down and do it. I am learning doing the things we love and slowing down to focus on, do help with the balance of life through all the hectic and fast paced living.

Stop thinking about it and just do it.

Here, first time in a week, I sat down and just wrote. It’s easy when you do not think about it.

And I feel balanced today because of it! Unknown-21

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