Mucho Car Problems

With another week of car problems under my belt, I have come to determine that God is doing this to teach me something. I picked the car up from it being at the dealer for four days and before I was even off the freeway (a few short miles), the engine malfunction light came back on.

My reaction was, “No way am I seeing that light on! Seriously?!”

Back to the dealer I went. Into my 8th loaner car. They felt bad for me and even gave me a big upgrade!

I got a call yesterday saying the car has big problems – turbo charger issues. One, maybe both. I don’t know anything about this car, but that just does not sound good.

Could it be a lesson of patience or of managing something that can be the utmost annoying?

Or maybe I just bought a piece of sh*t car?

I have noticed I am a different person after dealing with these issues for the past few months.

I have lost my dependability, reliability, and even my getting from point A to point B at times.

So what have I learned?

I may have bought a piece of sh*t car!

Oh, for real though…


The ability to let go.

The ability to accept.

The ability to remain almost calm even after another engine malfunction light appears. (Maybe that is out of disbelief!)

So, through this somehow there has been a weird stillness inside me. Maybe it’s because both dealerships I have gone to has pulled through and gotten me a loaner car to drive. Maybe it’s because I realize it’s a piece of metal and while I deserve reliability, somehow, someway I will have that soon. Not sure how, but this cannot go on forever, right?

As long as I am not stranded in an unsafe place, I have realized I can say in the moment that I am okay and take a huge deep breath and laugh at it. There is nothing else I can do so laugh at it!

Life has taught me BIG time over the past few months that things do not go as planned on several occasions. There is always a new route to take and I have taken those.

So, after I get my car back after these repairs, the only question is:

When is the next problem going to occur?


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