Why are Kind Words Shocking?


This is weird to say, but I was blown away at my going away party where my coworkers said some of the nicest things I could hear. I do not know why but I was shocked to hear these kind words.

I am leaving tonight to go to a different division at my job. I have been in this assignment for two years exactly and now I am returning back where I came from.

Anyone who knows me knows of my utmost integrity to my core. Everything I do and believe is about right and grace and dignity. My work ethic has not wavered in seventeen years on the job.

I watch daily as bad people hurt others or as the good people cross over to a line of evil and sometimes corruption. I have learned to let go of my feelings watching people who are supposed to be good because it ate at me. I can only control my actions and who I am and therefore strive daily to be who I can be. I want to be known as a GOOD person and tonight I was told this. Wow, what a great feeling. I am blown away.

One coworker wrote me a card that said:

“I am so happy to have had the chance to work with you. Your spirit shines through in the excellence you demand from your work ethic each and every day. You are an inspiration! You are a genuinely “good” person and that is so refreshing in the rough environment in which we have chosen. The words consistent and classy come to mind at the mention of your name. Don’t ever change – but more importantly don’t let the job change you…”

lady1Holy crap, after all the years of how I work, it is the most amazing feeling to hear my work ethic shines. I knew it does and always has because it’s the #1 top priority to me, but WOW.

I may not do everything perfect or do everything I wish I could or be living the 100% dream life as of yet, but I can say nothing has changed me from who I am and I am proud I can represent pure integrity and a true work ethic. That means the world to me.

It is not every day that we hear words about our character and about how we try to be. It truly is nice to hear that I have been seen today about being true and just me. It was nice to get some validation that I am doing something right.

I am grateful for my coworkers’ words tonight that taught me tonight how nice it is to be seen for who I truly strive to be each day.

Which of your traits or goals in life are most important to you? And what would you want your coworkers or family and friends to notice about you?integrity1

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