Short Story Debut

Credit for the short story debut: an unknown naked guy in Las Vegas.

One thing I wish I knew… was he cute?

Since getting into writing seriously, I have yet to complete a short story.

I never thought about short story writing until a segment at the conference about short stories piqued my interest.

As I listened to the awesome panel of short story and novel writers explaining their thoughts and likes for the short story, I never thought my first story would be… erotica!

Or is it romance?

I do not technically know which my story falls under.

Note to self: Hmm, research the definitions of the romance versus erotica to see how they differ and why.

While getting my hair done, my amazingly creative hairdresser Shannon gave me the idea that I am going to run with!

I was telling her about my amazing Vdara panoramic view suite in Las Vegas when I was there for the writing conference and how as I was getting ready the first morning, I walked through the living room area to find a naked guy on his balcony at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which faced my room.


(This photograph shows the Cosmo Hotel’s balconies. The angle makes it feel farther away than it seemed at the time. This is a photograph off Google.)

I explained how it was like a freeze-up moment when it appeared he was staring at me.

Golly, why am I so shy much of the time? How come I could not wave to see if he could see me and have fun with it if he did? Not like I would ever see the guy again. And it would only a wave and a good laugh at that!

I have seen a lot in Vegas, but since the hotels do not usually face each other (those in City Center do), this was a first.

It was a no-way moment… turned into questioning could he really see me… to a holy crap what if he can see me… to an It’s Vegas and things like this are what Vegas is about… to a did we just have a moment… to a moment of too shy and can’t look back.

When I finally looked back minutes later, I noticed he was gone but the balcony door was still open. Next time I looked, he was right back where he was the first time, standing exactly as he was, staring my way again.

I realized in that moment, the windows to the hotel must be see through enough? 18 floors up, the huge hotel in the way, there was nothing else he could be looking at unless there was someone in a room below or above me who was standing in the window, glancing back at him.

So, the part I left out was I was walking around in my bra and underwear. I was completely in the middle of getting ready and heading to the living room from the bathroom where my clothes were in the dresser.

Whew, yay for the matching undergarments!


(There is the dresser! Naked man was on the balcony out the bottom of the right corner of picture. That entire wall/whole hallway is windows into the living room.)

As I told Shannon this, she asked me the same question several friends and my sister asked, “Did you get a picture?” Damn, I was so caught up in the weirdness of the moment, I did not think about it. Me, a photographer who is always capturing moments everyday and I forget to grab my camera or my phone at a time like this?!?

Shannon said I should take the story and run with it. Write it as a fantasy. She threw some ideas my way that I would never have thought of. Oooh, creative people rock!

How do I train my brain to be more outside of the box, creative, let loose thinker?

So that is what I intend to do. Experiment turns into short story debut.

This is going to turn from a balcony staring moment into an-all day fantasy turned reality as a one night stand.

Can I pretend to be E.L James for a minute and have some crazy fun creating a total crazy Vegas fantasy where this man and I meet?

Another note to self: The “I” in the story will be WAY less shy than the real me!

Viva Las Vegas, baby.

Stay tuned…images-112

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