Flirting: Second Nature or Completely Unnatural?


Are you a flirt?

Is flirting second nature or completely unnatural for you?

For me, I SUCK at it!

I knew I did before and now I really know I do. I not only would need Flirt 101 but 102 and 103. It is said flirting is to be subtle. I am not so sure what I just watched was subtle.

After a catch-up session on a few DVR’d shows, I cannot stop shaking my head and I am still laughing inside after watching a segment on The Steve Harvey Show. He is super funny and entertaining. I love his witty and straightforwardness.

Is this for real though?

So, he has Sarah, a beautiful middle-aged woman on his show to teach her a thing or two about flirting. She has been single, she says, her whole life. Basically Steve wants to teach her how to catch a guy’s attention.

I commend her and think she is completely adorable on the show. I hope she found love or finds love soon. Take a look at what I saw. As you watch, what are you thinking?

Check out this video:

Like seriously? I am supposed to look at a guy’s shoes? Why in the heck is a guy intrigued with a woman who looks at his shoes? And that is considered flirting? Isn’t that just a woman checking out to see the whole package of a man in her quest to see if she is attracted or not? I guess not, it’s a flirt thing!

I get the leg crossing thing, I do get that. And I get the smiling thing.

Now, here I am as a single woman for the first time in real adulthood. I cannot say the dating thing is going real well. It is way harder at this age than I ever anticipated. I have had a few dating relationships started, but nothing I would write home about. Nothing that spoke a real connection or something that could be long term.

I must be so out of the loop; women know how to flirt this way? Men do go goo-goo over flirting, that I have noticed. I cannot figure out why though.

I would like to think I am aware of the differences between men and women, but holy crap, if this is what I have to do to win a man over, no wonder I am single and if I am not into flirting, I probably will be forever.

Must I fake it?


I watched the show and laughed hilariously out loud.

Is that sad? Are you laughing too?

My last date did not go well. I do not think it was me so much or was it? Wait until you hear this story, but must I learn to flirt to be sought after by a man?

I truly do not think I could do this if I tried. I would be cracking up.

Flirting is something I am confused about. Apparently I am way behind in that department. I get the whole sex appeal thing, but isn’t it sexy to be mature and intellectual?

Hmm, for dating, I guess not?

For that reason, right now, whether right or wrong, I must mock it.Unknown-13

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