Nothing Like Homemade YUM Cooking!


Do you like to cook?

I love when I find a recipe and buy all the ingredients and it actually comes out really good! Sometimes it’s surprising, right?

Everyone gets in the habit of making their top quick and easy meals and strays away from trying new ones.

It’s rare for me to venture out as often as I used to when I cooked. I have enough cookbooks to make a new recipe every night for a year, but they do not come out of the shelf too often.

Note to self: My goal for rest of year: Make two new recipes a month.

It’s not the same cooking for one but I am getting back into it and enjoying it. I even have leftovers to take to work-that sure is the upside to eating alone!

Under my recipes page on this blog, I have started posting some recipes that are old-time favorites and new ones that I have found that are hits. Plenty more to add.

My sister has been time and time again talking about how great these Chinese chicken lettuce wraps were each time she would make them. I knew they were good but I finally made them last night and I was overly impressed with the aroma, flavors, and how light they were even with its bold and complex taste.

Super good and easy. I thought it would take hours since I don’t always chop, mince, dice quickly, but it was easy and probably done under an hour. (It always helps dicing and chopping up to a day before or the morning of and put in containers in the fridge… I found this sure helps with lots of my recipes with prep. When it comes time to cook, it’s much easier since all the prep is done.)

If you like chicken lettuce wraps, I am bossing you to make these!

I guarantee these will become a new staple in your household as it has mine. Perfect weekend recipe when friends come over or to eat outside on a warm summer night.

It would be a great appetizer or for dinner with steamed rice.

So, look at my recipes folder and get that shopping list written for your next grocery shopping trip!


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