The Private Writer Just Jumped In!

images-111My writing just catapulted to different dimensions about four minutes ago!

Over the years, I have been a private writer, only sharing with my inner circle, until last week at the writer’s conference I attended in Las Vegas. It was the beginning of something. Something called putting myself out there.

Unknown-11I put my toe out to test the waters while being there, passing out new business cards advertising my blog and my new self proclaimed title: writer + blogger.

It was super foreign to me but I wanted to reach the next level of putting myself out there. It sure was kinda scary. It was time though if I am taking my writing to the next level. This passion of mine has been set on fire.

While at the conference, I had the honor to meet with the senior editor of a job related website. He helped me with the starts of my writing for this website with the possibility of my own column on a regular basis.

Me, a columnist? I dig it!

I had not thought about article writing until the opportunity arose. What an honor!

I am thrilled, shocked, and super ready to start writing with a purpose. I have yet to figure out how my expertise, experience, and writing style is to be shared, but a few minutes ago, I jumped into the waters! No turning back now.

I emailed my first article submission to the website. I look forward to hearing what they think and receiving some critique for my writing.Unknown-12

I have always been a dreamer when it comes to writing. I probably never been the best at actually believing my writing could maybe someday make a difference or provide curiosity or provide entertainment for someone. I have always written because I enjoyed it, it was an outlet, and just a simple passion.

The times have changed. I now must think about what I can say and offer that could reach others in a positive way. For a purpose. For a voice as a minority in my line of work.

What can I teach? What do I have to offer?

So, right now, the private writer is becoming a public writer!

What an exciting next step!

What is on your mind? If you wrote something today, what would it be about? What dream can you take to the next level?

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