Pursuing Dreams: The Amelia Earhart Way


My father watched the movie Amelia last night. He has watched it before but a particular Amelia Earhart quote struck his chord this time. He wrote it down, watched the rest of the movie and then called me. He read me the quote.

The quote said, “Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?”

My Dad is sentimental and reflective at times.

He used to fly.

And he has always been my biggest fan. I love when we have our good talks about life, family, dreams, goals. He would love to see me write and be an author. I want to do this for him.

He has always said I am a good writer. I think because we are so similar, my style of writing can touch him. I do not know if my style works for other people or if people feel anything from my writing.

I do know it’s my style, who I am, and after starting to put myself out there this weekend, I intend to do so more.

I now can see I have held back on attempting to write. Everything I do in my life is about righteousness and integrity. I also sometimes cut my desires short thinking I may be doing something wrong, so I should just save myself the headache. Well, there is no writing that is ever wrong. Ever.

Expression through words is beautiful.

Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.

Like Amelia, she touched my Dad’s soul with her words.

If I can do that for a few people, I will be honored.

For me, writing and finishing a book is not about it being published or famous or about making money. I would love to see it published just for the physical evidence that a work of love has been created and I was successful in a dream I have had since as long as I can remember.

I was in my single digits when I knew I wanted to write a book.

With that, today I will be sitting down at some point and just writing. I need a name for my main character. I am working on loving him more.A part of me really likes him but a part of me is not in love where his life will go.

But it will be about conflict, struggle, and the most beautiful part – resolution. I know in the end he will be safe and even a stronger person. His virtue will carry through.

So, thank you Dad for sharing Amelia’s quote. Amelia’s courage and determination shines through even though her final flight was cut short. Her story still lives on today.

She was resilient until her end. And I will be that way while working on my writing.images-24

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