Pausing to Reflect


I surprised myself after getting home this evening from awesome Las Vegas. In under three hours, I am unpacked completely, clothes laundered and put away or hanging to dry, paperwork filed, purse cleaned out, dinner eaten, and the huge stack of mail gone through.

With everything done easily, I realized I stopped to pause and reflect on the past days at the writer’s conference and what this trip has been like for me. And what it means.

Returning from the conference with a ton of insight, twenty full pages of notes, a stack of amazing writer’s business cards, some well-noted advice, and new motivation, I think I can continue on my writing journey.

Wait, did I say I think? I meant… I CAN!

The smallest bits of advice this weekend from several people were profound and has had me thinking deeply about how my book, my characters, and my plot will be moving forward.

As I pause to reflect tonight, I am grateful for the opportunity to experience something new which forced me to also put myself out there in ways I was hesitant to do. There is no turning back now. I also know that if I set my mind to it, there is no stopping me.

Writing a book or getting work published is no easy task by all means but I am 100% certain that anyone who has the love and passion for writing has the ability to do so. And I have that love and passion for writing.

I learned this weekend that there is no wrong way to write.

I learned use what works for you.

I learned it is important to write what you know.

I learned that there can be beauty all in the process of writing.

I am in awe of the amazing writers and publishers I came in contact with. I hope to one day be part of their club.

In the meantime, home sweet home it is.images-15

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