I heart Napa


Sunday was the first real Napa experience I have ever encountered.

I did do a photography workshop two summers ago in Napa and got to see the town and a few wineries through a camera lens, but that was not the total Napa experience.

I have been to a few wineries over the years as a quick pit stop along the way to the ex-family’s vacation home north of Napa, but that was not the total Napa experience either.

My times to Napa had never been about relaxing and soaking in the whole wine country feeling. So this was total different!



A coworker is a member of the Andretti Winery. Having grown up watching the Andretti family race cars, I have wanted to visit their Napa sanctuary for years. An invite popped up a few weeks back asking if I would like to partake in a picnic on the property.

Oh boy! A picnic? How fun!

Seeing winery picnics on television sitting in the middle of a winery and enjoying the sun and wine sounded amazing!

Honestly, Napa has always seemed so commercialized. I am so lucky to live where there are surrounding counties with wineries everywhere. They are the type where the owners are behind the counter talking with you. The wines are amazing and their properties so comforting and welcoming. Napa charges for their tastings and sometimes the small, quaint places can be just as good. But I was excited to finally experience Napa.

After today, i heart Napa. No question about that.

So not only did I get to experience luxury Napa, my friend rented a Porsche 911 Carrera for the day. I must say it was my Bachelorette moment.

You know how in the shows?

They always show them in the wine country or along the coast in a convertible and their hair blowing wildly?

Well, I had that moment!

It was funny how a convertible could add to the experience as a whole. It was freedom! I now understand why people buy convertibles.

I may have to add buying a convertible to my bucket list for the future?

I recommend experiencing the wine country in all out ways. It was interesting to drive to the wine country with the intent to only experience one winery. I think it added to the day since it was not about rushing to as many wine tastings as we could make before the closing time.

It was about savoring, really taking in the property, enjoying the sun and the picnic.

Have you experienced this kind of a day at a winery in Napa or elsewhere?

What is your favorite winery?

(PS: Always check for a camera SD card when taking the camera out to go somewhere; oops forgot to put it back in the camera since using the card last time in a different camera. These photographs came out pretty good from my Android smartphone though!)


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