My To-Do-List for the Day

362a5edbce9cb03fc0c373e0d7da944e1I am a master of to-do lists. I have made enough in my life time to last other’s lifetimes. I have re-written a to-do list because the first one was not neat enough or had too many lines crossing out the things completed. I saw this to-do list and instantly said it’s the best to-do list ever! The list has some of the most important things in life on it. With these things brings positivity, balance and calm.

I just love positive thoughts and the beauty of being balanced and calm. I can say a few things have come up in the last day that years ago, maybe even last year, would have drove me crazy for awhile.

I decided to let it go and not worry about it anymore today and it worked! I love how the power of our minds can work in our favor when we truly work it.

I am about to start my real vacation and cannot get that damn suitcase packed after days of staring at it and the pile of clothes laying next to it. And I just don’t care!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a superpower for that? Point at the suitcase and it packs itself! Why is something so simple as shoving clothing and shoes into a bag so overly difficult and not fun?

I know it will get packed and everything will work out as it needs to in the next day. I cannot believe how unorganized I have become dealing with the preparation for a trip. Years ago, I would have had twelve checklists and a bunch of to-do lists and the suitcase would be at the door. No need to be so overly organized and I know the packing will get done.

If I am lucky enough…

Oh wait! I am lucky!

I just found a necklace on mega sale – 69% off the tag said. It says “lucky” on it. I saw it and instantly realized how lucky I feel for the life I lead. I have problems, things are not fairy tale, I have fears, but not a day goes by that I am not grateful. I count my blessings every single day. The necklace reminds me, I am lucky.

And while I don’t gamble when I go to Las Vegas, it should fit in since it would be a good luck charm in the event I did. I am lucky that I get to go on this trip and experience all that is to follow.

Check, check, check…

All the items on the to-do list for today:


Until tomorrow.

(I better go start packing…)

What is on your to-do list today?

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