Hot Off the Press: Buy Your Gray Ghost Today

My friend Chris must be having an insane surreal super excited type of day.

I just received a message from him that his book is online!

It has been a long time waiting and wow, today is the day!

His fortitude through the process makes me think someday I could be in his shoes. I cannot wait to get my copy (autographed!) next week at the writer’s conference from Chris – hand delivered! I ordered my dad a copy just to be able to buy his book from Amazon!

Chris – best of luck as this is just the very beginning of your published work; I know it. I have a feeling you have even more than the second and third addition of the trilogy. Be proud and soak in every single moment of this incredible accomplishment. I am super excited for you. May success and being known all over the nation follow!

You were an author before, but you’re REALLY AN AUTHOR NOW!

CONGRATULATIONS and I hope to follow in your footsteps someday – what an incredible dream to set your mind to and accomplish.

Everyone, log onto and type in C.L. Swinney or Gray Ghost and buy your copy today!


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