Be Ordinary

carrieBelow I will be sharing the coolest tip I could have read tonight about blogging… in a blog for bloggers.

I have truly enjoyed my blog journey thus far. Being new at this whole writing thing where I am sharing my work with the world, I have asked myself many questions.

What should I be writing about that can touch others?

What can I say that would strike a chord with someone reading?

Why do I want my work to touch others?

What message am I trying to send?

Can I help people with my blogging?

All the questions make me question how and what I write about. I question will someone care to read each blog post. I still am not sure the answer to my questions but I do know I have allowed myself to be raw, vulnerable and open with my writing.

I have felt that if I am going to write, it must include truth and no sugar coating. I have written my blogs surrounding what is going on in my life at that moment. Good or bad. I have expressed my thoughts as candid as possible.

By doing this, I hope that if someone reads my blog, they will feel something. Whether it is interesting entertainment, a relate-able moment or to be of help to someone through a similar situation. I just hope I can reach someone along the way.

Niccole, a dear friend of mine said when I started blogging that she did not understand the concept of blogging even though she was supportive and reading my posts. It kind of threw me for a loop even though I was not totally sure either.

I just knew I loved the expression outlet and that some friends were enjoying the reading of it. I realized my blog was just me being myself, (ordinary me) sharing and writing about life and its’ emotions.

The blog tip I just stumbled across said: Be ordinary.

Oooh, I have been! Wow, I think that is the first time I have heard it’s okay to be ordinary and not have to be extraordinary in everything. Simple, ordinary, myself…


The tip read:

“Truthfully, most bloggers are not super-people. Their lives are nothing extraordinary or much different from your own. They may be doing different things in different places, but most blogs I read are about average, everyday people.

The blogs I read that are most successful often have posts about every day life that is nothing crazy or super special. It’s just life that they’re willing to share. It’s real, and that’s why people come to read it.

Best advice? Let your blog be a good snapshot of your every day life & thoughts. Reality is actually more attractive than a show.”

It was in this moment I realized I have been ordinary. It was in this moment I realized I have been doing just that. In times of questioning if I was even doing this whole blogging thing right, well, I guess it’s close enough. It is nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just every day life at it’s most vulnerable, honest and best.

Anything specific you would like to read about in my blog?blog1

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