Am I Still a Dreamer?

Growing up I was a huge dreamer. I dreamed all the time. I daydreamed in class, while writing, while reading. I dreamed while sleeping.

Over the past few months, I have found hope lost and dreams given up.

How did this happen? Why?images-10

I am a rather positive person but does this mean my heart has grown cold and negative? Or does it mean I am confused since my dreams have not come true and they seem further out of grasp than ever.

How do I fight for dreams when it’s so unrealistic? Am I just facing the truth or am I damaging myself from what I could be and what I could have?

I just realized how much I have derailed and need to start believing in the power and beauty of dreams again.

Without believing, your dreams will never come true.



Okay, I must get back into the feeling and knowing my dreams can and will come true. I may be hurting myself with the mindset that they won’t. I do not want to hurt myself, my life or my chances for a bright amazing future. I have never not believed before that life will bring dreams come true.

Oh crap, have I been cynical? Ouch!

How am I going to re-train myself to believe in dreams? How will I change my thoughts and truly believe it? As for now, maybe just forcing it and telling myself I do believe in dreams and happy endings is enough. The rest shall follow.

All I know is I am loving the hot hot hot weather and been enjoying a mixture of responsibility and down time. Vacation is coming up again quite soon and I am enjoying the summertime as much as I can as a working adult.

So, tomorrow, even though it is going to be 108 (and only 104 in Palm Springs!), I am going to spend the day soaking up the sights downtown over a yummy lunch with dear friends and at the pool afterwards.

It’ll be a day of dreaming, too much sun and some more dreaming!

What dreams are you searching for today?images-11

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