B.O.D. – Book Obsession Disorder


Is there such a thing? B.O.D. – Book Obsession Disorder. I would like to think I do not have any vices (sometimes food, but not as much as it used to be…) and that I am somewhat normal.

I will say my obsession with books in not normal. My book collection is my ultimate prized possession…excluding my family photographs that can never be replaced. Over the years my book collection has grown immensely and I am out of room and have no desire or the ability to stop buying books.

It was not until approximately 5-6 years ago that I discovered a used book store while loitering San Diego. It was an amazing place. Tons and tons of shelves from floor to ceiling of used books. Some were dogearred and covers bent and pages old. Some were newer with way less wear. It was at this store, I realized how much fun it is to shop and that I loved the store much more than Barnes and Noble. And the library near work is a quick fix when the obsession to buy comes on. Why do they sell all those awesome books? Who cares, I am the lucky one… and I am supporting the library also!

A paper bag of books – sometimes containing 20-25 books – much that look practically new can be bought with one Andrew Jackson. It is the greatest feeling to leave with a bag full for what can be one or two new books at a real bookstore. I have a frugal side and the satisfaction of knowing how much is being gained just rocks. I always get super excited over a good deal.

Why do I love to read? I never thought about this. It could be to escape but I do not think that is it. It could be to be in a make believe world. I do not think that is it either. I think it is because I always see these stories or writings as someone’s work. Brilliant hard work. I love to read stories made up and I love to read great memoirs. I love being open minded to reading books I would not usually read.

Right now I am reading a Nicholas Sparks book that surprised me totally. I am not a huge fan of chick lit or romance sappiness. It is not though. A pleasant surprise. A nice love story.

Feeding the imagination, stretching the mind and introducing new places and possibilities is a wonderful thing to get from reading. Being lost in a book and grabbing every word is a sure sweet thing in life.

I remember my mom walking past my bedroom door and I would be hiding under the blankets reading with a flashlight. ”Bedtime!”, she would sternly announce. It makes me laugh thinking my love for books was evident at that age.

I sat out in the backyard the other evening and felt totally lost in the book and the warm air. I hate that it is hard for me to escape the busy of life and slow down to read. I carry a book with me every where I go, but do not always take the time to open the pages. I must do this way more often and put the damn Smartphone down.

I want to pick up the pace of reading and enjoy more books.


I want to get lost in a book every day.

Wanna go buy some more? It has actually been months since I have gone to the library to buy. Hmm, tomorrow?

What are you reading today?

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