The Power of Positive


They say life is like photography and that we develop from the negatives.

I can attest to this and could focus on all the hard times in life that I have endured years ago, a year ago or a month ago. But I choose not to.

I am kind of annoyed that life is not easier sometimes. I can say I have been lucky in some aspects of life and not so lucky in others. I do not understand how life takes turns at the most inopportune times changing your life plan or making reality different from where you wanted to be or thought you would be.

The plan in my head of how things were to be laid out and how things were going to be sure took it’s detour threefold now. Maybe fourfold. (Is that even a word?)

Life has its plans and I must not over think it. Can an overthinker not overthink their life? I need to let go and relinquish all control and just roll with life’s punches. It is just necessary for the low key sanity I would rather endure than the anxiety and rather constant worrying. (This is a future blog I am getting up the guts to post… my dreaded anxiety…)

We have the choice in life to let the bad things in life affect us negatively or we can turn them into positive. I love the power of the positive and am grateful that the past few years taught me life lesson.

Sometimes it takes a long time to see the positives or see how you changed from a negative moment in your life, but it must be coming around this time for me. It must be.

And the path is not planned, it is being formed. There is a reason for everything.

Until I find my new focus, I refuse to dwell on the negative or the pain. I am capturing lots of photographs in life and definitely using the negatives to develop.

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