I Asked for Adventure and I Got It!

Life-is-either-a-during-adventure-or-nothing1-217x300Exactly one month ago I decided to be crazy and adventurous in my life and purchased a new used car on a whim! It was supposed to be all wind in the hair and fun. But in some ways it has been the exact opposite.

Within the 30 days of buying the car, it has been in my possession for less days than it’s been in the shop… time and time…and time again!

So, first started off with three oil leaks that included 30 hours of labor taking the whole car apart… engine out onto an engine stand (It’s for sure not a new car when the engine is removed anymore; but we will just pretend that didn’t happen!)… suspension and exhaust dropped out, water pump and flywheel off and put back together… putting in a new battery, fixing a flat tire (one with the nail was a brand new one, may I add)… some additional minor things fixed… an engine malfunction repair for a defective Vanos camshaft solenoid replaced… an upcoming appointment for additional things wrong with the car. Isn’t that enough wrong and fixed? The car has to be almost brand new now, right? It’s only five years old and has 35,000 miles on it!

I thought after the approximately $9000 of repairs in just a few weeks, the car would be healed and no issues would arise. WRONG!

Apparently of all the cars on the lot, I found the lemon! What a doozy! It’s too pretty to be a pile of a car!


It has been a challenging and interesting month but boy, I have attempted to take this with humor and patience. I have driven more cars in this month than I have ever owned because of each time my new ride has gone in the shop, a loaner or rental car has ended up in my garage. Counting thus far, five.

Today, yet another one has found it’s way into my garage!

Driving home from work this morning for a extra long set of days off (yay for vacation time approved!), I was on a mission to have an awesome drive and start some fantastic days off. BAM, the engine overheating light comes on and within seconds, I am driving like a snail on the freeway as I have lost all power in the foot pedal.

I sat on the side of the freeway awaiting a tow for 2 hours and 20 minutes. While that is not the longest amount of time, it felt like eternity. And especially when your eyeballs are floating from having to pee!

I watched a dozen police cars fly by and not stop. I watched seven flatbeds drive by and not stop. If I had counted cars and semis whizzing by, would I have reached a million? It felt like the world went by in the time I sat there. I could have walked home faster than it took for the tow so it seems!

AAA blows. That tow truck driver was the best thing when I saw him pulling up…I actually yelled out loud yahoooo as I saw his flashing lights about a quarter mile out! After a total ordeal, the 6.5 hour commute home was done. My car was back at the dealership with no diagnosis. I have yet to find out what the ailment is this time around… tomorrow should be an interesting day. Could it be a simple fix or is it a cracked block or some ridiculous amount of work?

I laughed so hard while texting with my sister and my poor commute partner probably wished he had drove himself that day. We laughed, cursed and just took it for what it was. I was as less stressed as I have ever seen myself in dealing with a car problem. A few times I thought out loud, “I cannot believe this yet again is happening… seriously?” I am not gonna lie; there were pockets of royal pissed offed-ness but overall the sense of calm I had was new to me. I sure have changed from the old days. I keep seeing this over and over.

7e1226cd43a07aa7a62f363c547b3b802-200x300It’s hard to give up reliability and security when your car is broken on the side of the road with an unknown knowledge if the problems will just continue on a weekly basis as it has? It’s got to stop eventually, right? The joke of the day was here I bought this car to avoid the high miles on my old car, so I would not have to worry about breaking down. I bet that car would do another 100,000 miles if I was still driving it!

Did I make a mistake?

It has become a love/hate relationship with this vehicle. Depending on the outcome tomorrow, I may be fighting for the used car place to take it back. I am not a confrontational fighter, but it could be a new role for me. Approaching $10,000 of repairs in exactly thirty days… hmm… maybe this is the last problem? I cannot figure out what to do so I am not thinking about it right now. One day at a time.

All I know is as Helen Keller once said… Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all! I asked for adventure… and I got it!

Guess we cannot be choosy when we ask for things… this was not exactly the adventure I was thinking of, but I have learned that it’s all in how life is handled…

So does this mean the party has started? (Woooo hoooo)


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