The Road More Traveled

road-trip2So, I am on my way to adventurous spontaneity!

Is this part of the new me? Maybe.

A close friend told me about a week ago that I sure have changed. It was said that I have changed because I am not overthinking things and not preparing for things in advance like I used to.

Does that mean the way the old me was, was a negative thing?

So, tomorrow I am attempting a road trip unlike any I have ever been on before. And with all the recent car issues, I almost cannot believe I am still hitting the road. I would have backed out and not risked it before.

I just hope the car protects me and not that I must protect the car. I hope I am not stranded in the middle of no where and regretting my choice. I am thinking positive that the ride will be enjoyable and the car is just fine to conquer the road. And with all the minimal sleep I have gotten, I will be all pumped with caffeine and not sluggish at all.

The car is packed and the air pressure in the tires have been checked. But I have not printed out my map and directions yet and the old me would have had that printed and studied over a week ago.


road-tripSo, just in planning the road trip, the adventure began. The anticipation of the trip being an easy untiring one with lots of good music and off-key singing, not getting pulled over (cruise control will be used!) and minimal traffic makes it sound fun. I look forward to hitting the desert and being on the open smooth road. Anticipation is something as much fun as reality; sometimes better.

This road trip is my journey to unexplored road, seeing towns never crossed before, unplanned stops, and a vacation. And to moving forward after a weird ass off-track month. Here’s to the celebration of open road.

So, cheers to my great American road trip on a great Memorial Day! I shall have a cocktail once I reach my destination in honor of all the men and women who have selflessly fought for our freedom and the wonderful US of A.

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