Life is Beautiful

life2La vie est belle… life is beautiful.

Working and sitting at my desk, 12:12am (0012 hours), my eyes burning from tiredness, counting the hours until I can climb into a cozy bed and just restless from boredom (it’s weird having a slow job, huh?), and I realize there is beauty right in front of me. A smile spreads across my face.

There is silence which seems golden to me right now. The computer hums away as my nails tap on the keys of the keyboard. The calmness in the room is lovely. I really cannot complain even though this is not the ideal situation for a Saturday night if asked what I would rather be doing.

Frustrated about not knowing what to blog today (apparently I fell off the wagon of creativity or unable to come through with any thought at all!) and attempting to find a moment of clarity, I have been staring at the computer all night between my work duties. Maybe I am overthinking it and therefore that is why my mind still remains blank?

Must I be thinking all the time? What does it mean when I cannot come up with anything to write about? Does it mean it’s time to focus on something else?

I guess it’s time to relax. I am welcoming the calm. I am going to revel in the peace and quiet of the night.

I am going to sit and enjoy the still of the night.

Life is beautiful in every sense of our world. Sometimes we need to realize it is always around us.


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