Did I Really Do Spontaneous?

southwest-desert-road-1024x768I cannot believe I followed through on something so out of my norm which was crazy spontaneous. I have always wanted to be spontaneous but chicken out. And now I can say I won playing chicken with that train!

I play life safe. I over think everything. I have to exhaust all avenues in determining if something is the right decision in my life.

I am never quick on big life decisions and never been comfortable rushing through thought process.

Instead I proved to myself that I wanted to be CRAZY (my definition of crazy) and I followed through. I bought a new (used) ride in the spur of the moment!

So, I can be rash. I can be quick. I can not back out of a choice to be spontaneous and rush into something. Who woulda thunk I would have started my vacation off in this way? It was never in the vacation agenda.

I think I just realized as I was pulling up to my home with the new car that my old ride is the very last piece of the past I am now shedding. I love the car and will miss it in a way.

The car has protected me for 157,000 miles of commuting, errand running, and driving. That piece of metal has been about safety, fun on the road and it has been an extension of me. It was a conservative traditional piece of machinery. It was part of my old identity.

I now will be in a more sporty and adventurous machine. My life lacked adventure and now my wheels will be an extension and reminder that life is to be about adventure as I continue on my new leash on life.

For some people a car is a thing from point A to point B. Me, it is the farthest thing from that.

Ever since my mom’s water breaking and going into labor after a day at the car races, a car and driving has meant way more to me than many material things.

Cars and speed and driving is in my blood literally. A car is an extension of someone who understands the power of a car, the love for the car and the true meaning of what it means to drive. The tires ride the road taking me places.

Driving has led me to my life, time and time again. Leaving Southern California and driving to the start of my adult life when I moved to San Francisco after moving out…and continuing further north finding my American Dream five years later.

Finding exactly where I am supposed to be almost one decade ago, I can still remember the CD I played moving up to this life and the feelings on that drive.

The two cars I have had during this process were loves in my life and have been cared for with TLC. And when it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on. And here I am today.

I am so very grateful for my new opportunity and extension of me. I plan to live a summer of new meaning: adventure, letting go, being carefree, and with less over thinking.

Who knew a car could mean so much in the process of a life evolving? I didn’t.

Toodles! I am going to hit the road and cruise now! Zoom, zoom!stock-photo-hands-of-a-driver-on-steering-wheel-of-a-car-and-empty-asphalt-road-90110512

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